Highest performance, easiest handling, optimum safety, low draught, maximum comfort! Exactly these characteristics were to be combined in the FC 56. No easy task for the FINOT-CONQ designers, who had already designed numerous well-known IMOCA Open 60 yachts and therefore know the genes of these racing machines very well!


The most important components for building a fast boat are no secret: Low weight, large sail area, high stability.

Unfortunately, each of these components has its disadvantages, most of which contradict the requirements of a family-friendly and comfortable cruising yacht:

  • One way to achieve low weight is through minimalism, but this contradicts the demand for comfort and easy handling.
  • A lot of sail area is achieved by a high mast and a mainsail with a squaretop. However, this always means a considerable additional effort in handling.
  • High stability (with as little weight as possible) is achieved by a large draught, which is usually not acceptable for a cruising yacht.


FINOT-CONQ has an answer to each of these issues, which have been combined in the development of the FC56!




  • DNA of an IMOCA/Open 60 with extreme performance and easy handling at the same time!
  • Thanks to a modern and very efficient hull form, no water ballast is required.
  • 4 meters draught (reducible to 1.65 m!) with carbon keel fin and lead bomb, resulting in a very low center of gravity! This means safety & performance at the same time, with maximum flexibility in the choice of moorings.
  • High-modulus carbon rig without backstays, allowing a powerful mainsail with squaretop to be run without additional effort.
  • Diagonal main boom for very easy mainsail rigging.
  • Spacious and well-protected cockpit with all manoeuvres led aft.
  • Very easy handling, even single-handed.
  • Exceptionally comfortable and contemporary interior, consisting of one owner's cabin, two guest cabins and one crew cabin.
  • Headroom of at least 1.98 m in almost all of boat.
  • Very well ventilated and bright interior with plenty of natural light.
  • Longitudinally oriented tender garage for a 2.60 m tender. This makes launching and stowing the dinghy very easy.


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